Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Invitation to Help Me Choose a Logo

by Miki Kashtan

After several years of blogging quite regularly, I am getting ready to upgrade myself to a new platform on Wordpress, and to do a variety of things (publish two books, create some learning products, etc) all of which could benefit from having a logo.

Amazingly enough, I have been gifted with the voluntary contribution of a graphic designer and NVC person from India. I love her art (she is also doing illustrations for another project of mine) and her heart, both.

Several sets of eyes have looked and looked at these possible logos, and we have narrowed it down to three options. I would like to get all your support in choosing. Please take a moment to look and decide, and let me know here which one you like . You also have the option of letting me know you like them all equally or none.

Here are the three options below:

Click here to give me the feedback. There's also room for you to leave comments at the bottom.

I plan to keep this open for a few days, closing end of day Monday the 19th.

Thank you for participating in my movement forward in this way.



  1. hello

    out of these three i like the first one, with grey


  2. love the first one with the "heartbeat" in the middle

  3. I like different aspects of each.

    In the first, I like the font for "Heart" and what Sherri described as the "heartbeat" in the middle. The gray color is less attractive than the colors in the other two, though.

    In the second, I initially resisted the stark contrast between the two colors, but after sitting with it for a moment, I think it's actually nicely in line with the title itself, and I really like it. The rounded sans-serif font for "heart", though, I don't think works as well as the engraver font in the first logo.

    The third was my initial preference, because the colors complement each other nicely (though it does still have that same rounded sans-serif). But as I said, the starker contrast has really grown on me.

    So in the end, I prefer the second option. But I would remake it with the engraver font, and possibly include the "heartbeat" element.

    1. Oh, I would probably also make "the" in the same color as "earless"--as in the third logo.

    2. They're all good to me.
      To me, they all convey elegance.
      But as you need to make a decision...

      Like Ilona, I see you as more bold, and fearless. I also see so much elegance and clarity on what you say, and the curly F does that OK for me

      I favour the font for 'Heart' in the top one, because it's more elegant and in keeping with the curvy F (as Spoko said).
      I like the idea of some solidity in the logo, which 'Heart' numbers 2 and 3 would do, but to me the fonts are on the unappealing side.
      Thought: "Fearless" is a solid, bold, grounded word, whereas 'Heart' could be the more 'yang' one.
      Colours: I don't have a preference. I thought I preferred the grey, but I think that was actually because I preferred the font for 'Heart'.
      The yellows/oranges remind me of Buddhist robes, which is probably not a bad thing. There's warmth and fire there.
      The red at the centre of 'Heart', in the first one, works well for me - I suspect it would be fine without too.
      And like Spoko, I would go for "The" and "eart" the same colour, from a visual point of view. But if people are seeing 'earless', then the priority has to lie in the message...

      I thought I would find it easier to express myself when replying to this post than to your other many thought-provoking ones, but now I find myself just as challenged!

      I am amused at how OFNR is going on in a (seemingly banal) logo exercise like this: we work out what we see, what emotions come up, what message we receive about values, and keep looping back before we can decide.

      I'm so looking forward to seeing your books and redesigned website.

  4. Hello Miki,

    I'm no graphic designer. When I see an initial letter that is a different color and style than the rest of the word, I tend to read the word without the letter (in addition to reading the word with the initial letter). "Fearless earless heart?" Hmmm.

    And when the initial letter is the same color as the second word, I think, maybe I'm supposed to apply that letter to the second word as well. "Fheart?" I know that's not the intention, but that's where my eyes/mind goes. Maybe it's the scatalogical influence of living with a 9-year-old.

    In case other people see the logos in these ways too, I want to share these impressions with you.

    In Peace,

  5. I'm with Sam....the differently styled and colored "f" throws me off. And I have done some graphic design, so I'd add that it is far too flowy for your fierce writing. Indeed, the logos overall are neither as bold nor compelling as your thinking and writing, so there is an immediate disconnect. When branding, the logo needs to stand alone visually AND be consistent with the essence of what it's representing. Otherwise, the person looking at it is left wondering what it's all about. It's wonderful that someone generously gifted you these designs but, for me, they don't work as the cornerstone of a brand. Thanks for your willingness to solicit feedback. -Ilona

  6. I read "earless" too--which is not the message you want to send about listening. I really like the fonts of the first one. Maybe just don't get fancy with the colors. Or have one color as a background and another for the letters. What fun!