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Miki Kashtan is a co-founder of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication. She is inspired by the role of visionary leadership in shaping a livable future, and works toward that vision by sharing the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication through mediation, meeting facilitation, consulting, and training for organizations and for committed individuals.
She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from UC Berkeley and her articles have appeared in Tikkun magazine, Waging Nonviolence,  Shareable, and elsewhere. The Fearless Heart is crossposted to Tikkun Daily and Psychology Today. 

Miki's book, Reweaving Our Human Fabric, now in two separate volumes, will be published in 2014.The two volumes are called:
  • Spinning Threads of Radical Aliveness: Transcending the Legacy of Separation in Our Individual Lives
  • Reweaving Our Human Fabric: Working together to Create a Nonviolent Future
Miki has taught Nonviolent Communication on five continents. Her teaching is focused on practical applications of NVC in everyday life and in the building of collaborative organizations and communities, using a "natural language" approach. She teaches those who would teach or share NVC to do so with a "principle-based" approach. For her current classes and retreats see BayNVC.org and her page at the NVC Academy.

Miki supported the US Department of Peace campaign with monthly conference calls between 2005 and 2009. In 2007 she facilitated the 3rd Summit of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace in Japan, and in 2008 the 1st Summit of the African Alliance for Peace, a regional segment of the global group.
She hosted the Conflict Hotline, a monthly live call-in TV show on the Berkeley Community Media channel BETV, which can be viewed on YouTube at www.youtube.com/baynvc.

Miki’s Published Articles Include:

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“The Pain, The Anger, and the Hope: Women Peace Workers in Israel”, Magazine of Creation Spirituality, March 1992
“Nonviolent Communication: Transforming Conflict and Enhancing Connection in Communities”, Communities Magazine, September 1999

Wanting Fully Without Attachment,” Tikkun, January/February 2010

Tikkun Olam Without Coercion: Living into the World We Want to Create,” Tikkun, Winter 2011

Sustaining the Occupy Movement”, Tikkun, Spring 2012. 

Working for Peace Without Recreating War,” by Miki Kashtan and Dot Maver, Tikkun, March/April 2008

On BayNVC's website:

“Nonviolent Communication: Gandhian Principles for Everyday Living”

“Leadership From Below: On Becoming a Change Agent”    This article is now (June 2015) here.