Monday, March 15, 2010

Bob Niederman, organizational consultant, Miki, and Yumi Kikuchi, Japanese peace activist, at a recent BayNVC Leadership Program residential training.

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  1. Miki,

    I love this photo! (But you already knew that).

    I'm writing because I was inspired by something you wrote and it provoked an idea for your blog: I think it would be great if people would send you stories of how they lived up to your vision in their day to day lives. I think this would inspire the rest of us to live this way. Here is the part of what you wrote that moved me:
    " This love is a commitment to act in ways that uphold humanity; to care for the wellbeing of the other person even when we are in opposing positions; even when all that we value is at stake."
    If we could read stories that demonstrate this, standing for the other person's humanity at the very moment we experience ourselves threatened, or believe that our most important values are being ruthlessly undermined, this would be an uplifting experience and a challenge to us to live our lives with this kind of courage.