Sunday, July 3, 2011

Requests for Feedback

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  1. Your desire for feedback in this post seems to be restricted to yes/no surveys. I'm feeling frustrated at the thought of a yes/no answer not accurately representing my thoughts. I'm wanting to be authentic, honest and real. Hopefully, you also take comments into consideration?

  2. thank you jean for your comment.

    ABSOLUTELY i take comments into consideration. having many comments can be overwhelming, so the strategy of a survey that can give me a snapshot of where people are is very helpful. helps me realize, even with this comment, that the survey can include a few more options (assuming the technology works).

  3. Miki,

    I find it fun to take a survey where I can click on answer quickly and have a sense I've made a difference and expressed my opinion. I appreciate your willingness to gauge interest and prioritize your writing in part because of that input. Also I like the idea of more people reading what you write because I find your ideas and the way you express them to get me thinking and even acting in new ways!