Monday, September 27, 2010

Invitation to Real-Time Conversation

by Miki Kashtan

Over the course of writing about personal growth and social change, I discovered a longing in me to go beyond posting entries into active interaction with the people who read my blog. So I decided to experiment with that urge.

In the next couple of days I intend to post the LAST entry in this mini-series. Writing about personal growth and social change within an NVC perspective has been a two-month endeavor that I truly enjoyed. If you found the ideas intriguing, and/or if you want to connect with me and others who are passionate about principled nonviolence as a way of living, I invite you to come and participate in a conference call that I am setting up for this coming Sunday at 9:30 - 11:00 am Pacific Time.

The agenda is emergent. For right now what I have thought about including is questions and comments about anything that's been part of this mini-series, and small group interaction about these topics for part of the time (the conference call technology for this call - maestro conferencing - allows for that). I have no idea how many people might sign up, so it's hard for me to plan beyond this. I hope you will join by following this link: I also am planning on writing about the call after it's complete.