Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Invitation to Help Me Choose a Logo

by Miki Kashtan

After several years of blogging quite regularly, I am getting ready to upgrade myself to a new platform on Wordpress, and to do a variety of things (publish two books, create some learning products, etc) all of which could benefit from having a logo.

Amazingly enough, I have been gifted with the voluntary contribution of a graphic designer and NVC person from India. I love her art (she is also doing illustrations for another project of mine) and her heart, both.

Several sets of eyes have looked and looked at these possible logos, and we have narrowed it down to three options. I would like to get all your support in choosing. Please take a moment to look and decide, and let me know here which one you like . You also have the option of letting me know you like them all equally or none.

Here are the three options below:

Click here to give me the feedback. There's also room for you to leave comments at the bottom.

I plan to keep this open for a few days, closing end of day Monday the 19th.

Thank you for participating in my movement forward in this way.