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Keep up to date with Miki's classes by checking in at (check the right-hand announcements column and the calendar). For her classes at the NVC Academy, go here.

Principle-Based Teaching Clinics - Monthly telecalls
Have you been sharing NVC in your community? Want to help people move beyond OFNR to truly connect people with the heart of NVC and identify powerful strategies that they can begin using right away, without years of NVC study? Overview of the clinics here.

The Fearless Heart: An Intensive Study with Miki Kashtan - Weekly telecalls
A weekly telecourse throughout 2013. Join Miki to talk about the latest post on her blog, The Fearless Heart. Each Tuesday call will discuss the blog post dated the previous Thursday or Friday. Click here for the weekly topic and reservation details.

Leveraging Your Influence Using NVC - In-person events
This new NVC program is taking place throughout 2013 in two different formats, and can be joined at any time. 
East Coast: Two 6-day residential intensive retreats, May and November with opportunities for online learning and for smaller groups to engage in projects and connection in between (conference calls or in person, depending on where you live). Click here for more information. 
West Coast: One Sunday a month for 11 consecutive months. Click here for more information. 
The vision of the program is to delve deeply into the practice of living the consciousness and principles of NVC using a natural language approach and leveraging our influence by using NVC as the "organizing principle" for our work in the world. Rather than focus on specific skills to teach NVC formally, we intend to focus on all the real-life situations in which using NVC can move us and our environment closer to the dream of a needs-based world. We start with where we are, by inspiring others, by transforming conflict to mutual understanding, and by forging connections and alliances through our shared human needs.



Nashville, TN 
Three days of workshops, August 24-26. 

Making Collaboration Real in the Workplace
A bimonthly series of  Half-day Workshops through 2012. 4/19,  6/14, 8/9, 10/31, and 12/5. Details and Registration here.

Four-day Intensive at the Humanist Hall, Oakland, May 11-14 2012:
Knowing how to collaborate is one of the keys to meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Yet few of us have been trained to collaborate effectively. This workshop series provides a fresh perspective and innovative tools in the face of ongoing challenges. Miki's teaching style is highly interactive, fast-paced, and attentive to each participant. You will leave each event with clarity about concrete steps you can take immediately to put what you learned into practice.

No One Left Behind: Facilitating Efficient and Productive Meetings
November 5-6, 2011, 9:30am -5:30pm Register!

Have you ever dreaded going to a meeting or watched in dismay as a group collapses into conflict? If you regularly find yourself working with groups, this intensive workshop can provide you with vital tools to support the effective functioning of any group.

Learn a unique decision-making process developed by Miki. Based on the principles of NVC, this process is fully collaborative and leads to decisions that allow everyone to be on board. Groups have found this process to be highly interactive and engaging, even fun. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity!
Be A Resource in Your Community
October 14, 2011 4:30am -6:30pm Register!
Would you like to learn how to become a resource in your neighborhood or community?

Learn basic skills in empathic listening that can support you in the following areas:
  • capacity to stay present in challenging situations
  • ability to reflect your understanding regardless of content
  • competence in checking for understanding of deeper meaning of what is shared
  • willingness to listen without trying to solve problems
Empathy in the Workplace
October 14, 2011 12:30am -2:30pm Register!
Would you like to increase effectiveness and connection in your organization?
Are you tired of difficult conversations and strenuous meetings ?
Would like some manageability in your work life?

We'll explore basic principles related to empathic communication and how to bring them into the workplace.

Topics include but are not limited to:
  • presence, even in the face of difficulty
  • clarity of purpose when making decisions or running meetings
  • attention to both parties’ needs in a conflict
  • providing feedback without criticism
Bringing Grace and Mastery to Mediation October 2, 2011 10::00am - 5:30pm Register!

Raise your mediation skills to the next level!
In this day-long workshop for advanced NVC practitioners, Miki will provide intensive coaching for every aspect and step in the mediation process. Miki's approach to mediation has a primary focus on transitions and micro-agreements, as she uses every moment and exchange to look for and build connection and goodwill even in intensely challenging situations.
Embracing Challenges to Enhance Collaboration
A Retreat with Miki Kashtan and Martha Lasley
September, 20-24, 2011

Come join us as we evolve a new focus on the workplace!
We just completed the first of a series of 3 retreats entitled "Making Collaboration Real - Empowering the Workplace". Attendees coming from across the spectrum of corporations, small businesses and organizations saw how this kind of retreat immersion experience inspires personal understanding leading to clarity about actions to take back in the workplace to foster an environment of collaboration.

Watch Miki's video Maximizing Willingness for Collaboration Decision-Making based on the work she presented at the Making Collaboration Real conference in March '11.
More Info!

Training of NVC Trainers
United Kingdom - September 9-15,2011

We are inviting you to join an advanced residential retreat for people teaching NVC - certified trainers and others with extensive training experience (such as the BayNVC Leadership Program).

Sample Topics

  • Skills for interdependence
  • Power and power relations
  • Advanced empathy skills
  • Body-based NVC practices, especially for inner work and self-connection
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Full capacity living based on authenticity and interdependence
For more information please contact the BayNVC office at
Making Collaboration Real --Poland
September 2-7, 2011

The Making Collaboration Real international program is targeted to leaders in both business and non-profit organizations including executives, managers, and individual contributors. This program can be particularly powerful for teams of people working together inside organizations. Consultants, coaches and NVC trainers are also welcome.
For more information or to register contact:
In Your Own Words: Living and Sharing NVC Beyond the NVC Community
August 5 - 10, 2011, The Abode, New Lebanon, NY

Would you like to increase your level of embodiment of NVC consciousness?
Would you like to adapt your language of needs and emotions to increase connection?
Would you like to increase your capacity to share NVC with different populations?
The intention of this residential retreat is to support you in:
  • Have your NVC practice feel and become natural
  • Strengthen your ability to connect across differences
  • Expand your confidence in applying NVC in any context
  • Teach core principles to inspire people
For more information or to register contact: Shivani Carroll at or Lorili Henry at  COST:  Tuition -$800-1600, Room & Board - $390-$625
Peace Starts at Home: Dialogue as a Way of Life
July 23-24, 2011 9:30am -5;00pm Register! 

"I will do everything in my power to resolve every conflict, however small" -Thich Nhat Hanh
Imagine sweet, open dialogue in all your relationships, both intimate and otherwise. Imagine accepting your humanity in moments of challenge. Imagine the freedom to choose, in every moment, how you want to meet life.

We invite couples and individuals who are open to learning and discovery to join Miki for this highly interactive 2-day workshop on telling the truth to create intimacy. 

Living Courageously: Choosing Nonviolence in the Face of Fear

Sunday, June 26th, 2011 10:00am -5:00pm  Register!

We all know stories about people who maintain their integrity, be it a commitment to nonviolence or an unpopular position, despite the potential of significant cost to themselves. Gandhi's life and writings, for example, continually point out the vital role of learning to act despite fear in order to embody the spirit of nonviolence.

This workshop is designed to support participants in understanding the dynamics of fear and polarization, and to provide tools for responding to challenging situations. 
Be a Resource for Your Community 
A Workshop with Miki Kashtan, Ph.D. in Oakland, CA
Friday, June 3, 2011 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Offered on a donation basis
*Would you like to become a resource in your community?* 
This engaging workshop is one fruit of Miki Kashtan’s commitment to transforming the ways we interact with each other and the larger world. People at all skill levels can dive deeply into the world of possibilities that open up with a practice of empathic presence in our communities. 
Thisworkshop is designed to support you in the following areas: 
  • capacity to stay present in challenging situations
  • ability to reflect your understanding regardless of content
  • competence in checking for understanding of deeper meaning of what is shared
  • willingness to listen empathically, without trying to solve problems
This workshop is highly interactive and includes exercises using situations volunteered by class participants as material for learning. Repeated attendance is encouraged, as learning and insights arise freshly each time.
What past participants have said about this workshop: 
"Miki Kashtan's class reintroduced me to the value of silence as part of deep listening. The most profound moment came when my partner and I looked into each other's faces without saying a word. It was both uncomfortable and transformative, and the experience is still with me. I believe this is a vital skill to take into any kind of community building setting, where many people are more focused on giving their opinions than deeply listening to other participants."
~ Judy Pope
"For once a seminar leader didn’t try to cram in too much stuff, but instead really committed to her material and 'let it breathe.’ Very effective!"
~ Floyd Smith
Location: First Congregational Church of Oakland, on Lake Merritt, 27th & Harrison St.
Collaborating for Change Pt. 1
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (PT)
San Francisco, CA
Owning a business, participating in a collective, living in a community - all these activities share a common challenge: how can we accomplish our goals while relating to each other in a way that maintains alignment with our values? In the first of this two-session workshop, you will get hands-on practice in applying some of the key principles we have found effective in facilitating collaboration and efficiency in workplaces and communities. Depending on the real-life challenges shared by participants in the group, we can focus on several essential areas including: 
•    Cultivating leadership that empowers and transforms
•    Inviting collaboration through connection with each person’s input
•    Increasing the capacity to bring calmness, attention and care to all situations
•    Navigating difficult conversations with clarity about requests
•    Attending to changes in agreements in a way that supports both authenticity and care for all involved.
Register at: 
Making Collaboration Real: Empowering the Workplace with Nonviolent Communication Conference
March 17-20, 2011
San Francisco, California
For people who work in organizations and anyone who wants to empower the workplace, including consultants, coaches, and Nonviolent Communication trainers.
Presenters: Miki Kashtan, Martha Lasley, Gregg Kendrick, Dian Killian, Wes Taylor, Marie Miyashiro, Edmundo Norte, Ulrich Nettesheim.
NVC Integration and Mentoring Program
Online program 
Are you eager to integrate NVC into all areas of your life? Do you want to immerse yourself in serious study of NVC principles and practice? Do you thrive on having a structure of support to ground your learning and integration?
This online program is designed for people who don't have easy access to local trainer support, and who are eager to embark on a serious study of NVC. It can be taken at many different levels of experience, but is not designed for people who are just beginning their journey of NVC.
Here is what course participant, Ronnie Hausheer, is saying about the Integration Program:
"This course is blowing my socks off! Miki has structured the material in a way that supports my exploring important topics within NVC. Participating in class and doing the exercises between classes is making me conscious of when and how I apply NVC consciousness in my daily life."
More information about registration and topics this quarter at:

Collaborating for Change
December 9, 2010
Hub SoMa - San Francisco, CA
Working towards sustainability on a global scale requires balancing entrepreneurship with collaboration; personal power and power with others; working with like-minded people and interacting with people whose opinions are different from our own; being open to the world and attempting to influence people with decision-making power.
This workshop provided a framework and a practice for making grounded choices in challenging moments; bringing empathic presence to all aspects of our work; and learning how to speak and listen in ways that foster trust, mutual respect, and understanding even in the midst of intense disagreements.
Beyond Dualities: Power and Love for Women and Men
Commonwealth Club, San Francisco
August 17, 2010
Despite impressive gains won through decades of feminist activism, many women are still either serving in traditional supportive roles or asked to forego care and love and adapt to a harsh, competitive, and impersonal work-world. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offers the premise that women and men share the same human needs and can therefore connect and work together effectively. Through empathic connection, empowered speech, and a commitment to everyone's needs, NVC advocates believe the practice can support all people in living a fully human life.
Be a Resource in Your Community 


Oakland, California

August 6, 2010
March 4, 2011 
Collaborating for Change @ Hub Berkeley

Monday, June 21

July 9-July 14, 2010 

Retreat center, Santa Cruz Mountains 

"I was transformed by this retreat beyond my wildest imagination. The gift I experienced is absolutely priceless. It's the gift of now having full access to myself, and being able to show up as my (authentic) self with others. I'm convinced that this gift will not only make my own life more beautiful, but will contribute to making the lives of many other people more beautiful, too." -2009 Women’s Retreat Participant